For health care providers and families who want that more personalized and effective health care experience for their patients and loved ones - than traditionally available today. 



Pelesend's health care technology platform and product suite: robust; fast; secure; easy to use.

Our health care solutions for families, seniors and their caregivers are designed to improve communications and quality of care  -  beyond traditional solutions  -   while reducing costs.


Our Products:  nAble  -  BeImmunized  -  PeleConnect  -  PeleSite - PeleClaim


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Some examples of what we do...

Social networking site development project

Social networking site development project

Large network equipment provider engaged us to develop a general social networking site...

Healthy family living social network site

Healthy family living social network site

In partnership with Petite Village, we designed, built and power their website. It is t...

School immunization application

School immunization application

Using the BeImmunized school module, we are in the middle of a project to enable a 8000...


Some quick points about us...

So what is Pelesend all about?

Pelesend Inc. offers cloud-based web and mobile-enabled health care technology solutions through our proprietary, HIPAA-compliant PeleForce platform.  Our connected healthcare solutions personalize care while reducing costs.  Pelesend works with patients, families, physicians, pharmacies, school districts, caregivers and others to connect people with the care they need -- from immunization tracking services such as BeImmunized, to in-home care, to better physician-patient communication.  Founded in 2008, Pelesend is located in Mountain View, California. For more information about Pelesend’s BeImmunized product, visit

Some of Pelesend Products:

Pelesend Platform

Our Platform supports a wide variety of services used by Pelesend applications as well as supporting applications developed for our clients.

Secure Messaging Engine

Our platform provides a set of services and api’s to create distributed service oriente...
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Payment Engine

Our payment engine allows others to use our API to trap ACH and credit card transaction...
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Health Data Interchange

We provide a syntactically and semantically "tight" clinical data store for facilating ...
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